Research Topics

Bioelectronics group uses first-principles approaches to design tools to probe and modulate neuronal signaling at the level of circuits, cells, and receptors. Our tools include flexible multifunctional devices capable of bidirectional communication with neurons via electrical, optical, and chemical modalities. To remotely manipulate neuronal activity with receptor and cell-type specificity, we synthesize a diversity of nanomagnetic materials capable of converting weak magnetic fields into signals such as torque, heat, chemical release and beyond. Although our technologies can be applied to a multitude of problems in neuroscience, our group is particularly interested in cells and circuits governing communication between peripheral organs and the brain in health and disease.

Area I: Magnetic manipulation and recording of neuronal signaling with nanomaterials

Area II: Multifunctional interfaces with central and peripheral nervous systems

Area III: Contributions of peripheral organ signaling to brain function and behavior