Color-saturated green-emitting QD-LEDs


Green to the core : Cdx Zn1−x Se alloy core nanocrystals are synthesized and overcoated with Cdy Zn1−y S to create core–shell nanocrystals with the ideal wavelength of emission for quantum dot light‐emitting device (QD‐LED) displays. These (Cdx Zn1−x Se)Cdy Zn1−y S core–shell nanocrystals are used to fabricate color‐saturated green‐emitting QD‐LEDs (see picture), which are suitable for display applications.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Polina Anikeeva
Polina Anikeeva
Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
Associate Professor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics

My goal is to combine the current knowledge of biology and nanoelectronics to develop materials and devices for minimally invasive treatments for neurological and neuromuscular diseases.