Noah Kent

Noah Kent

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Laboratory of Electronics

Noah was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Key West, FL, and did a double major in Physics and Mathematics at Bowdoin College. He received his PhD from UC Santa Cruz in June of 2020 and spent the last five years of his PhD living in Berkeley and working at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. At LBNL Noah developed a diverse skillset focused on enabling cutting edge nanomagnetism experiments including multiple nanofabrication and magnetic microscopy techniques. Drawn to topological solitons, due to their mathematical beauty and unique interactive properties, Noah was able to experimentally generate and measure Hopfions; the first self-stabilizing three dimensional topological soliton in an experimental ferromagnetic magnetic system. Additionally, he applied his knowledge of nanomagnetic systems to choose magnetic nanoparticles that, when incorporate into a super soap complex, created the first ferromagnetic liquid. In the bioelectronics group, Noah is excited to apply his experimental physics skills to develop novel magnetic nanoparticles for manipulation and measurement of biological systems. In his free time Noah enjoys games (video and board), Olympic-style weightlifting, and spending time with his wife and cat.


  • Structured (3D) Nanomagnets
  • Hybrid Nanomagnetic Systems
  • Topological Solitons


  • Ph.D in Physics, 2020

    University of California Santa Cruz

  • B.A. in Physics and Mathematics, 2012

    Bowdoin College