Nicolette Driscoll

Nicolette Driscoll

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Laboratory of Electronics

Nicolette (Nicki) completed her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University in 2016, where she worked in the lab of Arto Nurmikko using optogenetics and microfabricated flexible electrode arrays. She earned her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020, where she was co-advised by Flavia Vitale and Brian Litt. During her PhD studies, Nicki developed flexible, transparent graphene electrodes which she used to combine optical imaging and electrophysiology to study microscale seizure dynamics in the brain. She also pioneered the use of the 2D nanomaterial Ti3C2 MXene for bioelectronics, starting with flexible microelectrode arrays for recording in the rodent brain and subsequently expanding to large scale sensor arrays for a variety of human epidermal sensing applications. In the Bioelectronics Group, Nicki is excited to apply her experience in microfabrication and multimodal neural recording toward the study of neural circuit mechanisms underlying addiction using multifunctional neural probes. In her free time, Nicki is an avid cyclist and enjoys trail-running, hiking, and a variety of outdoor adventure sports.


  • Multifunctional Neural Probes
  • Addiction Neuroscience


  • Ph.D in Bioengineering, 2020

    University of Pennsylvania

  • B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, 2016

    Brown University