Elian Malkin

Elian Malkin

Graduate Student

Department Engineering in Computation and Cognition

Elian received his B.S. from MIT in 2022, majoring in Computation and Cognition with a minor in Mechanical Engineering, and joined the Bioelectronics group as a Master’s student in September of the same year. As an undergraduate, he worked on diverse projects including signal processing of brain language network recordings, deep learning for epigenetics, GPU algorithms for modeling the human visual system, and origami-inspired soft robotics. His graduate research seeks to develop minimally invasive methods of neuromodulation, focusing on mechanosensitive ion channels paired with magnetic nanoparticles, and investigating transgenic expression of animal magnetosensation.


  • Noninvasive neural modulation
  • Molecular Biology


  • B.S. in Computation and Cognition, 2022