Bioelectronics Group

Welcome to the Bioelectronics Group at MIT.

Our lab works at the interface of materials science, electronics, and neurobiology with the goal of advancing the understanding and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. We design, synthesize, and fabricate optoelectronic and magnetic devices that manipulate and record neuronal activity and development.

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Polina Anikeeva

Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
Professor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics

Biomaterials, Photonic Materials, Magnetic Materials



Lee Maresco

Research Support Associate

Flexible Optoelectronics, Neural Probes


Cindy Higgins

Administrative Assistant


Emmanuel Vargas

Research Support Associate


Rebecca Leomi

Laboratory Operations Manager


Scott Machen

Research Support Associate

Postdoctoral Associates & Fellows


Indie Garwood

Postdoctoral Associate

Multifunctional neurotechnology, Systems neuroscience


Claudia Cea

Postdoctoral Associate

Multifunctional neural probes, Organic electronics, Gut-brain axis


Jacob Beckham

Postdoctoral Fellow

Magnetic Materials, Intracellular Signaling, Gut-Brain Axis


Taylor Cannon

Postdoctoral Associate

Multifunctional Neural Probes, Biophotonics, Optical Imaging


Dongjun Jung

Postdoctoral Associate

Nanomaterials, Stretchable conductors, Soft implantable devices


Noah Kent

Postdoctoral Fellow

Structured (3D) Nanomagnets, Hybrid Nanomagnetic Systems, Topological Solitons


Sharmelee Selvaraji

Postdoctoral Associate

Neurodegenerative diseases, Epigenetics, Gut-brain axis

Graduate Students


Atharva Sahasrabudhe

Graduate Student

Flexible Optoelectronics, Neural Probes, Gut-Brain


Florian Koehler

Graduate Student

Neural Modulation, Electrophysiology, Molecular Biology


Ye Ji Kim

Graduate Student

Magnetic Nanostransducers, Neural modulation


Ethan Frey

Graduate Student

Multifunctional Neural Probes, Soft Materials, Stretchable Electronics


Keisuke Nagao

Graduate Student

Magnetic Nanoparticles, Surface Chemistry, Targeted Delivery


Xavier Smith

Graduate Student

Magnetic particle imaging, Non invasive neural modulation, Nanomagnetic materials


Karen Ka Lam Pang

Graduate Student

Gut-Brain Axis, Interoception, Neural Modulation


Beth Whittier

Graduate Student

Neural Modulation, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Solid State Devices


Diana Grass

Graduate Student

Neural Modulation, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Neuro-imaging, Neuro-immunology


Elian Malkin

Graduate Student

Noninvasive neural modulation, Molecular Biology


Gari Eberly

Graduate Student

Neurodevelopment, Enteric Nervous System, Neural Probes


Pema Maretich

Graduate Student

Addiction, HPA-axis, Neuroendocrine modulation


Rajib Mondal

Graduate Student

Gut-Brain Axis, Parkinson’s Disease, Neuro-immunology

Undergraduate Students


Siyuan Rao

Assistant Professor at UMass Amherst

Youngbin Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT w/ Yoel Fink

Dekel Rosenfeld

Zuckerman Faculty Scholar, Tel Aviv University

Jimin Park

Assistant Professor at KAIST

Sirma Orguc

Postdoc at MIT BCS (w/ Emery Brown)

Gabriela Romero

Assistant Professor at University of Texas San Antonio

Georgios Varnavides

Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

Hannah Field

Graduate Student at Stanford University

Caroline Apra

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Universite Paris Est Creteil

Junsang Moon

Process Engineer, Applied Materials

Seongjun Park

Assistant Professor at KAIST

Danijela Gregurec

Assistant Professor at Friedrich Alexander University

Andres Canales

Researcher at Advanced Silicon Group

Mehmet Kanik

Senior Scientist on Advanced Materials, Impossible Foods

Dena Shahriari

Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia/ICORD

James A Frank

Assistant Professor at Vollum Institute, OHSU

Pohan Chiang

Assistant Professor at National Chiao Tung University

Alexander W Senko

Data scientist at Livongo

Francisco Garcia

PhD student at MIT BCS

Pooja Reddy

PhD student at Stanford MSE

Michael G Christiansen

Postdoc at ETH Zurich (w/ Simone Schuerle)

Xiaoting Jia

Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech

Yuanyuan Guo

Assistant Professor at Tohoku University

Cindy H Shi

PhD student at Stanford MSE

Ritchie Chen

Postodoc at Stanford (w/ Karl Deisseroth)

Ulrich P Froriep

Project Director at Fraunhofer Institute

Chi Lu

Engineer at Applied Materials

Ryan A Koppes

Assistant Professor at Northeastern University

Colleen N Loynachan

Postdoc at EPFL (w/ Francesco Stellaci)

Christina Tringides

PhD student at Harvard/MIT HST program

Jennifer Selvidge

PhD student at UCSB MSE

Elizabeth Canovic

Research Engineer at Spiden

Jonathan Aritzi

PhD student at Harvard/MIT HST program

Our Covers

Magnetic Nanodiscs Enable Remote Magnetomechanical Neural Stimulation

Artificial Muscle

Strain-programmable and fiber-based

Remote Magnetothermal Disruption of Amyloid-β Aggregates

Multifunctional fibers

simultaneous optical, electrical and chemical interrogation

Polymer fiber probes

Optical control of spinal cord and muscle function